Recently Korea’s most watched show “A day and a Half” (KBS/ Korea Broadcasting System) filmed a segment on the Nami Skyline ZipWire (ZipRider) and it aired last week. After the show, we have too many riders coming here, and they are waiting more than 6 hours to ride the ZipRider! Six years after opening to the public, we are busier than ever!
~ Lee, Sun Hyo General Director- Janaline Co., Ltd. - February 18, 2016
The ZipRider is a world class attraction we are proud to have at the Parque de Aventura Barrancas del Cobre, located at Copper Canyon in Chihuahua State. Our ZipRider is 2545 meters (8,350 feet) long with a max registered speed of 135 km/hr (84 mph)! Chihuahua has the longest zip line of any kind in the world, with a vertical drop of 450 meters (17% grade).

The launch platform is right at the edge of the canyon and the ZipRider allows customers to fly over three different canyons: Del Cobre Canyon, Tararecua Canyon and Urique Canyon. The landing platform is right below the bottom station of the Gondola, previously installed as the main attraction of the park. The ZipRider has two cables side by side with an average ride time of two minutes and twenty seconds. The ride price is $1000 pesos (~$70.00 USD)

Riders are able to view the Tarahumaran community called Bacajípare, located at the bottom of Tararecua Canyon. They have a population of 300 families. Riders have an aerial view of their corn and bean crops, which is the main food source for the Tarahuma.

The ZipRider has already been a big success for the park as it has already increased the tourists dramatically from 45,000 people before opening to 75,000 after the opening. All of our visitors are anxious to ride the largest zip line on the planet, located in the largest state of Mexico, in the heart of the one of Mexico´s natural wonders “the Copper Canyon”.

~ Jorge Estrada, Director of Tourism, State of Chihuahua, Mexico
Biggest Day: 502 riders (This was a $67,000 day!)

Average Day: 180-200 Riders

Approximate total riders in 2014: 13,000 (over ~50 cruise ship call days)
 Gross Revenue $1,560,000 !!

  • Our top tower chief personally has over 1,000 rides on the ZipRider® so far. That's over 1,000 miles of riding on cable; over 90,000 seconds, or 1,500 minutes, or 25 hours of riding cables!!

  • We've had several wedding proposals at the top of the ZipRider® before the ride, and several proposals immediately after the ride at the bottom.
  • We have had several riders of 90+ years of age.
- Tons of repeat riders (riders that came all the way back to Icy Strait Point to ride the monster again)

“The ZipRider®, to me, is more than just a 90 second thrill ride. Just getting to the top is an adventure. You'll most likely see whales and other marine life on the first part of the drive, and then you get the privilege to take a look into the deep forested Alaska...where the mighty coastal brown bears dwell. Never is it guaranteed to see bears or any wildlife on the drive up, but the possibilities are there, which adds to the allure of the ride. Now onto the ride, I've personally ridden the ride 500 plus times and I can say I always find something that grips my attention and leaves me wanting to find the first person I see and recreate in words what I have just experienced.

The ZipRider® has continued to be a huge attraction at Icy Strait Point. There are a large number of guests each ship day that come here just for the ZipRider®. And yes, most of the riders that ride our ZipRider® for the first time are completely blown away. There are people at the top, waiting to ride, that are so terrified you'd think their worst nightmare came true, but with a few encouraging words from our playful, easy going crew they usually take the flight. Then, after the ride, the amazement is well defined in their body language AND their use of certain profanities. But it most likely ends with a big hug from family members signifying the completion of a major event or milestone in one's life. It's pretty neat to witness.”

~ Donald Dybdahl, Icy Strait Point ZipRider® Ride Supervisor
"The Gunstock Mountain Adventure Park offers a ZipTour® attraction, featuring dual cables over five spans covering nearly 1.6 miles. The entire guest experience is about 2 hours, and includes a scenic chairlift ride. For many of our guests, the ZipTour is the most exhilarating ride they’ve ever experienced. Before they try the ZipTour®, people constantly tell me “I’ve been zip lining before” and I smile and say “not like this you haven’t!” Our tours are selling out nearly every day, and many people have returned to experience the thrill multiple times. I personally can’t get enough of it."

People really like being able to control their own speed. It gives them a sense of security and safety that other zip line products can’t provide. From an operator’s perspective, the ZipTour® is relatively easy to run. The tour can be run either with dedicated guides accompanying each group, or with guides stationed on the top and bottom of each platform assisting guests on and off the lines. On a busy day, we’ve put more than 350 people a day through the tour.

The ZipTour® has become the anchor attraction for the resort. As the word about the tour spreads, we’re seeing guests from all over the country. We’ve had success in getting ZipTour® guests to try other attractions (Segway Tours, Aerial Treetop Course) while they’re here for their tour. From Memorial Day to Columbus Day 2012, we ran almost 16,500 customers through the tour, and grossed over $1 Million in sales. As of Labor Day weekend (2013), we hosted over 30,000 people on tours, and we reached the $2 million mark in total ZipTour® sales at Gunstock!"

- Greg Goddard, General Manager of Gunstock Mountain Resort
"I'd like to express my sincere thanks for successful construction of our new riding system.  It is without a doubt the best riding system in South Korea.  Since our opening ceremony took place on November 5th, every major national television covered the story on their prime time news and many popular TV show programs have contacted us asking for filming agreement. (We expect a few big-name celebrities to visit here soon.) Customers' reactions are very strong such that on weekends, lineups for the ride stretch up to 3~4 hours despite freezing weather below 0'C."

Lee, Sun Hyo General Director- Janaline Co., Ltd.
"The Grindelwald "First Flieger" ZipRider has proved to be an enormous attraction for us. Visitor numbers have increased year on year since we opened and have exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Visitors have been making the trip to Grindelwald from far and wide specifically to come and ride on the "First Flieger."

-Mark Segal, "First Flieger" ZipRider Manager.
"The Extreme and Freestyle ZipRiders continue to be the anchor attractions at the UOP that people always make sure to ride while they are here. Our revenue on the Extreme and Freestyle ZipRiders continues to increase year over year and is one of the most talked about activities at the park. During the 2014 summer/fall season we ran over 30,000 rides on the Extreme, and nearly 20,000 on Freestyle, showing that after 10 years our Extreme ZipRider is still the most popular attraction here at the park.

"The Xtreme and Freestyle ZipRiders are a huge asset to us at the Utah Olympic Park. The rides provide a way to turn our once passive guests into active participants, and have been a way for us to capitalize on our situation, bringing both athletes and spectators together in one place. The Xtreme and Freestyle ZipRiders have been a tremendous way for us to subsidize our athletic training activities due to their ability to generate incredible revenue above and beyond operating costs. One of the best things about the ZipRider® is the excitement factor which has our guests taking multiple rides and making multiple visits. When they ride it once, they need to take another ride!" "

-Jamie Kimball, Utah Olympic Park, Gravity Zone Manager.
"The ride has been a huge success. Sold out every day, nothing but great feedback. We are 20% over last year’s revenues already."
-Richard Wiseman, Bromley Mountain President.
"The ZipRider®’s ease of operation, profitability, and excitement factor make it a fantastic attraction for any resort to offer."
-Mary Flinn Ware, Park City Mountain Resort Summer Operations Manager.
"This season was the first summer with four cables and Wildcats' revenue grew by five times what we earned prior to installing the ZipRider®. The ZipRider® has become our biggest summer draw, and it has increased (the) use of our Gondola and restaurant by 100%. Knowing how many guests we can accommodate every half-hour, we sold almost every single ride available from day one, often selling out before noon. Sales for 2008 are ahead of budget by 20% YTD in the wettest summer on record."
-Tom Caughey, Former Wildcat Mountain General Manager.
"The ZipRider® has been a major reason for the success of our summer operations here at Snowbird.  With the simplicity of operation and fantastic support from ZipRider®, the enjoyment factor for our guests has been tremendous with practically no down time to speak of.  With the ZipRider® we have been able to increase revenue in many different departments throughout the resort."
-Eddie Nakada, Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Tram & Lift Operations Manager.