ZipRescue, LLC is a solutions-based company dedicated to your aerial chairlift, gondola and tram evacuation needs. We invented, patented and sell the ZipRescue® trolley to provide the safest, most versatile, lightweight cable transport and lift access device available. We also provide onsite ZipRescue and Tower Access Workshops to train your patrol/ lift personnel with the safest and most current rescue techniques, as well as outlining what equipment should be used and how to use it properly.

As Petzl Authorized Dealers, we can also recommend and supply you with the best rescue equipment for your needs. With years of experience in lift evacuation and high-mountain rescue, consultation by phone or e-mail with us will help you develop and customize rescue solutions for your area, specific to your lifts and trams. Our connections and contacts within the ski resort and lift industry make ZipRescue, LLC an invaluable network resource to turn to for questions and solutions for your aerial lift evacuation needs.

Complex evacuation situations exist, often mandating direct contact between the rescuer and the client in the chair or gondola/tram cabin to offer close assistance. When a ground evacuation is not an option, the ZipRescue® trolley is the solution. The ZipRescue® trolley is used as a transportation device to quickly travel the haul rope to the chair or gondola/tram cabin. The rescuer can then instantly lower directly from the device into the chair or gondola/tram cabin without ever unclipping from the ZipRescue®. Because of the ZipRescue®’s adjustable braking system, it is infinitely adaptable to spans with varying inclines and cable diameters.* Rarely will a rescuer need a belay while riding the ZipRescue® trolley, thus freeing up your manpower during your time of need. When manpower and time are in short supply, the ZipRescue® trolley is an essential piece of lift evacuation equipment that every resort should own.

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