ZipTour® Operation

What sets the ZipTour® zip line tour system apart from other canopy tours? The key lies in the patented ZipTour® trolley, a dynamically controllable device that allows the customer to control their speed of descent and ride experience. We are the only zip line company in the world that offers this technology!!!

The ZipTour® zip line tour system is designed as a multi-stage zip line tour that allows the customers to explore the terrain of your resort from the mountain summit to the base area via multiple zip line spans and short walks in between the spans.  Each ZipTour® span can be designed as long and steep as any ZipRider®, and can also have multiple cables side by side.  The ZipTour® does not require power at any of its stations.  The ZipTour® can be installed in multiple stages over several seasons if so desired.

Regardless of the design layout, the basic flow of each ZipTour® installation stays the same. Each ZipTour® customer is fitted with a harness, helmet, and lanyard system, and is provided with a custom backpack to carry their ZipTour® trolley while on the tour.  Customers are trained with the proper operation of the trolley before participating in the ZipTour®.  The zip line ride experience and excitement is enhanced when you are able to control your own speed. You can race your friend or family member on the adjacent cable, or soar at slower speeds to enjoy the scenery. As customers approach the landing platform they begin to slow their trolleys and come to a stop over the deck. The guides lower them to the platform and place their trolleys into their backpack to prepare them for the walk to the next span.

As with every ZipRider® installation, each ZipTour® zip line tour system is designed to ASTM F24 amusement ride codes, ANSI B77 tramway codes, and TUV codes and standards. We are the original designers of the graduated spring and spacer terminal brake assembly and every ZipTour® zip line cable span is equipped with this assembly for additional stopping assistance if so needed.