We coined the term “No Sweat Adrenaline” to describe the ZipRider ride experience. The ZipRider® is an exciting and thrilling scenic flight experience that requires NO effort on the part of the rider. The customers are not fitted with any equipment before riding the ZipRider®; they do not require helmets, and they are not required to go through any prior training. The patented ZipRider® trolley automatically controls the speed of the rider on the way down the ride, and our proprietary spring dampening system brings the customer to a smooth stop at the bottom platform. Customers are seated and secured within our proprietary ZipRider® harness right at the starting gate, and when the gates open the customer simply sits back and enjoys the ride and the wind in their hair. Once the customers have completed their rides, the trolleys and harnesses are returned to the top tower via our patented equipment retrieval system for the next set of customers.

The ZipRider® is a one span, high through-put, automated zip line attraction with low labor requirements. The ZipRider® can be designed to have two, four or six cables side by side, and its one span can be as short as 750 feet in length to over a mile and half long. Every ZipRider® is designed and built to ASTM F24 amusement ride codes, TUV codes and standards, and ANSI B77 tramway codes, and the various technology components are protected by our 12 USA and European patents. Our ZipRider® installations typically clear between 300 and 500 riders per day!