Mt Bachelor

13000 SW Century Dr., Bend OR 97702

An experience unlike anything else — this is the Mt. Bachelor Zip Tour®. Fly high above the mountain, soar amongst the trees, and feel the wind rush as you descend three epic stages from the summit to the base area.

To book your ZipTour® reservation, please visit the Mt. Bachelor website: or call Mt. Bachelor directly at 541-382-1709


  • Span 1 – Pumelo Traverse - 1,685 ft. long
  • Span 2 – South Sister Slide – 1,670 ft. long
  • Span 3 – Broken Top Drop - 3,443 ft long, 866 ft. elevation drop



Soar through the high alpine like never before with the addition of the ZipTour® to Mt. Bachelor’s mountain experience. This dual-line, three-span zip line tour drops nearly 1,400 vertical feet along the volcano’s slopes to make it the Northwest’s steepest, fastest, and highest-elevation zip adventure. The Mt. Bachelor ZipTour® allows riders to fly over open bowls, off-piste skiable terrain and Central Oregon's unique volcanic landscape with a scenic view of the Three Sisters mountains and neighboring peaks.

Once customer’s have completed their ZipTour® orientation and have practiced riding on the Demo Zip, the experience continues with a scenic ride up the Pine Marten chairlift. The first span of the ZipTour®, the ‘Tumalo Traverse’, launches from an elevation of 7,800 feet above the tree line and descends 255 vertical feet over a rollercoaster-like landscape of ridges and ravines towards the Skyline lift. The unique volcanic terrain below is alive with mountain bikers riding the various flow trails, and Tumalo Mountain and Paulina Peak are viewable in the distance.

The second span of the ZipTour®, the ‘South Sister Slide’, soars through the forest towards the awe-inspiring view of the Three Sisters volcanic peaks. This zip line travels 1,670 feet and drops an additional 263 feet in elevation. This is the most scenic segment of the ZipTour®.

The third span, the ‘Broken Top Drop,’ is the grand finale and most exciting part of the Mt. Bachelor ZipTour®. This zip line spans 3,443 feet with an 866-foot vertical plunge, and is one of the longest, steepest, and fastest zip line spans in the Northwest. The Broken Top Mountain and Three Sisters create an epic scenic backdrop for riders as they fly down the mountainside and past the bike park to finish the tour at the base area. If you are visiting Bend or the surrounding area, be sure to spend a day at Mt. Bachelor and experience this incredible ZipTour® for yourself!