Apache Wind Rider ZipTour

Call for Reservations 575-464-3633l or visit their site skiapache.com

If you want to SEE New Mexico, the Apache Wind Rider ZipTour is the best way to do so! After driving up the winding and panoramic road from Ruidoso to the Ski Apache Resort, you will check in at the base area to begin your tour. You will ride the Apache Arrow Gondola to the top of the mountain, where you will be transported to the top of the first zip line span on the tour, the Pena Zip. At 5,240 feet in the length, the Pena Zip is just shy of one mile long. You begin your ride with the Sacred Mountain to your right, and the ski area and surroundings landscapes of southern New Mexico visible for miles in front of you. It is truly breathtaking. And what a ride! You will fly over the skiable terrain of Apache bowl and then over the trees, landing near the top of the Elk Ridge run. From here your group walks along the deck to the top of the second zip line span, the Carrizo Zip.


  • SPANS: 3 zip lines, and a Demo Zip
  • PENA ZIP – 5,240 ft. long, 2 cables side by side
  • CARRIZO ZIP – 1,700 ft. long, 2 cables side by side
  • PALMER ZIP – 1,900 ft. long, 2 cables side by side
  • ELEVATION: 11,489 ft. at the top of Ski Apache

  • TOTAL TOUR LENGTH: 8,890 feet
  • TOTAL VERTICAL DROP: 1,584 ft.

  • SPEED: up to 65MPH

  • DURATION: Total tour estimated time 1- 1.5 hour
  • VIEWS: Most spectacular view in southern New Mexico