ZipRider® Operation

"When Paul Ruben of Park World Magazine asked Tom Caughey, former GM of Wildcat Mountain, why he chose ZipRider® as opposed to another supplier of zip lines, Tom replied: "Good Question. The ZipRider® is by far the most well thought out and engineered system for smooth, safe operation for a mountain operation compared to other zip line rides. The design of the trolley, the terminal brakes, and ability to handle the volume of riders we experience were key.
There are very few moving parts and it can stand the weather we have here."

We coined the term "No Sweat Adrenaline" to describe the ZipRider® and what sets it apart from other zip line attractions, both operationally for the ride owner and experience wise for the paying customer. The ZipRider® is a high throughput zip line attraction with low labor requirements that allows for a new group of customers to be sent every several minutes. There are several key components of the ZipRider® that make this possible.

The ZipRider® trolley provides the same ride experience for customers between 75 and 275 lbs on the same brake setting, limiting the need for operators to interrupt operations for adjustment. Our custom ZipRider® harness safely seats and simply secures guests within a broad size range (75lb to 275lb, 48 in to 78in) without the need for either a staging area or skilled personnel for fitting, and requires minimal adjustment between guests. Our patented equipment retrieval system quickly returns the trolleys and harnesses to the top of the ride after each cycle for the next set of riders, limiting operator exertion and ensuring high customer throughout the day. The retrieval system also prevents the possibility of rider collision as one trolley and one harness remain permanently mounted to each cable for the day. Together these attributes of the ZipRider® allow each ride to be operated with one or two operators at the top and bottom towers (depending on the number of cables). No sweat!

Not everyone is willing, or able, to mountain bike to the top of a mountain for the thrill of the downhill, or to become certified to sky dive for the feeling of wind in their face, but almost everyone loves a good adrenaline rush. The ZipRider® gives every customer, regardless of physical fitness or ability, the thrill of their lives without physical exertion during the hot summer days, and without a several hour commitment to gear up, train and go through a canopy tour or a ropes course. Every few minutes a new group of riders get to feel the adrenaline build in anticipation of the ZipRider® gates opening, the thrill of acceleration as they take off, the wind in their face as they fly through the air, and the peace of mind of landing safely and effortlessly at the conclusion of the ride, without having to do a thing. It has been observed that many customers in the very hot summer days tend to lean towards activities that do not require physical exertion, making the ZipRider® and the ZipTour® an obvious choice of mountain adventure for the family. No Sweat Adrenaline!