We first invented and developed the ZipRider® to connect two far away points at the Park City Mountain Resort, to create a ride that would give visitors an aerial mountain adventure unlike anything they had ever experienced before. At the time in 2002, the Park City Mountain Resort ZipRider® was the longest zip line in the world by 1,000 ft. We were then approached by Icy Strait Point in Alaska with a new dream; an epic attraction that would put their cruise line port-of-call on the map and entice cruise ships to book their site. We built the incredible 6-cable ZipRider® that stretches over one mile in length, allowing customers to fly together from the mountain top to the shoreline 1,400 feet below. In 2008, the Icy Strait Point ZipRider® became the longest zip line in the world by over 2,000 feet, and has now cleared over 100,000 riders. After touchdown, many customers say riding the Icy Strait Point ZipRider® was one of the most incredible experiences of their lives. We then began to receive international recognition, and installed ZipRider® systems in Switzerland, Russia, South Korea and Brazil.

In 2011, we installed our first mountain top to base area ZipTour® system at Gunstock Mountain Resort in New Hampshire. The Gunstock ZipTour® was their anchor attraction and grossed $1.6 million in its first season of operation, and was pivotal in the expansion of their summer activities program. In 2012, we were approached by the Department of Tourism for the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, with the grandest vision to date. They wanted to build the longest zip line in the world, a ride that would stretch across an expansive section of breathtaking terrain inside the Copper Canyon, home to the Tarahumara natives. At first, it did not seem possible. But in 2014, we opened 8,350-foot-long Copper Canyon ZipRider® and it is now the longest single span zipline on the planet. In 2014, we were also given the opportunity to build one of the largest mountain top to base area ZipTour® systems for the Sundance Resort. This 4-span ZipTour® gives customers an aerial tour above the mountainous terrain of Sundance, with unparalleled panoramic views, while also honoring the Sundance’s commitment to the pristine nature of their resort with minimal environmental impact. The ZipTour® experience is like… the skiing of summer. The ZipTour® experience is like… the skiing of summer.

In 2016, we were chosen to build the Emergency Egress System for the United Launch Alliance and the NASA Commercial Crew Program. This 4-cable, 20-rider system provides rapid egress from the rocket access tower to ground level in the event of an emergency during an Atlas V Starliner launch countdown.

For over 16 years, resort owners and managers have approached us with bold ideas for grand-scale, world-unique zipline rides or systems that would put their resort or park on the map, increase new and repeat visitorship, and generate summertime or year-round revenue to enhance their bottom line. We have answered these calls by building the world’s longest, steepest and most successful zip line rides, each completely unique and unlike any other. We now have 30 installations worldwide. To discover how a unique ZipRider® or a ZipTour® zip line system at your location can increase your visitorship, ancillary sales and and add to your bottom line, please contact us for a SITE ANALYSIS. We welcome you to visit us in Utah to experience our three ZipRider® rides and two ZipTour® systems for yourself. You can also experience the ZipRider® and ZipTour® at any of our other US or International locations.