We first invented and developed the ZipRider® to connect two far away points at the Park City Mountain Resort, to create a ride that would give visitors an aerial mountain adventure unlike anything they had ever experienced before.  At the time in 2002, the Park City Mountain Resort ZipRider® was the longest zip line in the world by 1,000 ft.  We were then approached by Icy Strait Point in Alaska with a new dream; an epic attraction that would put their cruise line port-of-call on the map and entice cruise ships to book their site. We built an epic 6-cable ZipRider® over one mile in length that allows customers to fly together from the mountain top to the shoreline 1,400 feet below. In 2008, the Icy Strait Point ZipRider® became the longest zip line in the world by over 2,000 feet, and has cleared over 60,000 riders. After touchdown, many customers say it was one of the most incredible experiences of their lives.

We were approached by the Shepherd of the Hills company in Branson, Missouri with yet another dream.  Gary Snadon, the owner, explained that he had long had a vision of building a ride from the top of his lone sight-seeing tower that would offer visitors an unforgettable scenic experience of Branson.  In 2010, we built a majestic ZipRider® from the top of the Inspiration Tower that continues to draw tens of thousands of customers year round. In 2011, we installed our first mountain top to base area ZipTour® system at the Gunstock Mountain Resort in New Hampshire. The ZipTour® grossed $1.6 million in its first season of operation.

In 2012, we were approached by the Department of Tourism for the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, with the grandest vision to date.  They wanted to build the longest zip line in the world, a ride that would stretch across an expansive section of breathtaking terrain inside the Copper Canyon, home to the Tarahumara natives.  At first, it did not seem possible.  But in 2014, the 8,350 foot long Copper Canyon ZipRider® opened and is now the longest single span zip line on the planet.  In 2014, we were also given the opportunity to build one of the largest mountain top to base area ZipTour® systems for Robert Redford at his Sundance Resort. The ZipTour® at Sundance will provide a mountain experience over terrain previously accessible only to the expert skiers of Sundance, while also honoring Mr. Redford’s commitment to the pristine nature of Sundance with minimal environmental impact. The Sundance Resort ZipTour® will open Memorial Day weekend 2015.

With 28 installations worldwide, we have been realizing the dreams of resort owners for over 13 years.  And very often, we are able to take their vision, and stretch it even further, building incredible zip line systems that let customers experience their mountains in ways they could have never imagined. To discover how a ZipRider® or a ZipTour® can make the most of your mountain or location, and offer your clientele an unforgettable mountain adventure, please contact us for a SITE ANALYSIS.  We welcome you to visit us in Utah to experience our three ZipRider® rides and two ZipTour® systems for yourself. You can also experience the ZipRider® and ZipTour® at any of our other US or International locations.