There are a lot of basic run of the mill zip lines companies out there, and there are even more zip lines to ride out there.  From the beginning, we have never been interested in building just another zip line. We build large-scale anchor attractions that are guaranteed to draw a significant number of new customers to your location. Each and every one of our ZipRider and ZipTour installations are custom designed, engineered and built to create the most incredible experience at your location.  Our initial conversation will ask for topographical mapping and a basic concept of what you are considering in terms of alignments and ride layouts.  We will analyze your concepts and show you if the ride will work in the location you have chosen.  We will then take the liberty to offer our own layout and ride alignment visions.  We choose the precise ride system we feel is best for your site, and please don’t be surprised when we offer you a ride alignment that takes everything to the next level and makes your jaw drop to the ground.

You have a beautiful mountain, or a scenic destination.  Not everyone can hike to the top, not everyone can ski the steep upper bowls, and not everyone can navigate a steep trail through the trees on a mountain bike.  But almost everyone enjoys being outside in the mountains.  They feel alive when they stand at the top of your resort and see the expansive panoramic views.  And to be able to fly through the air above terrain they most likely could never touch on skis, well, that is just amazing and unforgettable.  That is where we come in.

Full service zipline construction and installation company.

Terra-Nova LLC of Utah is the master distributor for ZipRider and ZipTour.  We design, engineer and build all the components of the ride best suited for your locations.  Our company ESCT Construction LLC is a full service zip line installation company.  Our specialty is turnkey solutions for large zip line projects.  We provide services such as Surveying, Geotechnical Soils Analysis, Excavation, Concrete Forming, Rebar Placement, Concrete placement, Cable Pulling, and Deck Construction.  In 2014, we pulled a total of 15 miles of cable for 7 projects.  One of our projects was the ZipRider we installed in the Copper Canyon, Mexico that stretches over a mile and a half within the canyon.  It is one of the longest zip lines on the planet; an 8,350 foot long open span ZipRider with 2 cables side by side.  The cables are 1,200 feet above the ground almost the entire 8,350 feet.

If you can dream it, we can build it.  Along with every installation we also provide all staff training, we provide a custom rescue kit and rescue training, and we inspect every one of our ride installations on a yearly basis.  If you need tram/gondola/chairlift rescue and evacuation equipment or rescue/evacuation training, we can provide that as well.  We own all of our own cable pulling equipment and are ready for any zip line cable pulling project you have in mind.  Please don't hesitate to contact us, even if all you need is some free advice.