Safety is the most important factor in every ZipRider® zip line ride and ZipTour® zip line system we design and build. No matter how profitable a ride is, there is no feature more important than safety. Every component of the ZipRider® and ZipTour® and overall installation are designed to the appropriate building code and design standard. Our towers are not made of wood and we do not tie to trees! Our patent pending tower design is designed to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 7-10 codes and our concrete footings are designed to meet or exceed the ACI 318 codes (American Concrete Institute). Our trolley and ride dynamics are designed to meet and exceed the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F24 standards and our cable tension safety factors are equal to or surpassing the ANSI-B77 Tramway codes. Every component of the ZipRider® and ZipTour® are designed with multiple safety redundancies.

In terms of operation, the ZipRider® zip line is one of the safest ride experiences you can offer your clientele, and is one of the safest attractions you can have your staff operate. It offers a completely hands-off adventure for the customer down the terrain of your resort. Our patented "Equipment Retrieval System", a ZipRider® exclusive, cycles one trolley and harness per cable continuously throughout the day without the need for removal (unless maintenance is required). This prevents the possibility of a customer being sent down the ZipRider while the previous customer is still on the line. It also limits the handling of equipment by the operators which increase customer through-put. Each ZipRider® is designed so that the ride ends at the low point of the cable, with no sag or belly in between the top and bottom towers, and thus prevents the possibility of a customer rolling away from the landing deck and requiring a rescue by the operators. This is safer for everyone, and ensures efficient, continuous and predictable operation. The ZipRider® is also handicap accessible. We have had numerous paraplegic and quadriplegic customers experience the time of their lives on the ZipRider®.