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Fly high on the new Attitash ZipTour above the tree canopy from the summit of Bear Peak over to mid-mountain of Attitash and from there to the base of Attitash! This approximate 2-hour adventure is for thrill seekers and nature lovers alike. You can control your speed and even make a stop to enjoy the spectacular views as you make your way the 4,969 feet length distance of the Flying Bear Zip from the summit of Bear Peak over the valley towards Attitash Mountain - that's almost a mile and is the 2nd longest single zip span in the contiguous United States! From there you'll ride the Attitash Aerial Zip, zipping from upper Thad's Choice to the base of Attitash, another 2,196 feet! With both The Flying Bear and Attitash Aerial Zip spans offering two parallel cable lines, you and a family member or friend can ride side by side.


“That … was … incredible! It's a blast!” enthused Conway Daily Sun photographer Jamie Gemmiti, after he rode both parts last Friday (September 5th, 2014) of the two-cable Attitash ZipTour: the nearly 5,000-foot long Flying Bear Zip from the summit of Bear Peak, said to be the longest single-span zip line in the contiguous United States, and the 2,100-foot long Attitash Aerial Zip, which runs to the base of Attitash Mountain.
The Conway Daily Sun, Tom Eastman, September 12th 2014

"The two different lines offer different experiences. The Flying Bear Zip is just under a mile — you start out going above the trees not far from the ground, and all of a sudden you become birdlike as the Stoney Brook Valley falls out beneath you," said Lowell, who had his first ZipTour experience at Gunstock, and then tried out Attitash's for the state lift and U.S. Forest Service inspections, and was very pleased with all of his thrilling trips down the mountainsides. On the Flying Bear, riders can get up to as high as 250 feet. "You look up at the mountains and out across to Mount Washington in the distance. It's very unique to be that high up in the air, traveling between the two mountains. It's a very unique and thrilling experience. The important thing, Lowell added, is that when you see the equipment and redundancy in safety features, it gives you a lot of confidence, so you are able to focus on the joy of the experience."


  • SPANS: 2 zip lines, and a Demo Zip
  • FLYING BEAR ZIP – 4,969 ft. long, 2 cables side by side
  • AERIAL ZIP - 2,196 ft. long, 2 cables side by side
  • TOTAL TOUR LENGTH: 7,265feet
  • TOTAL VERTICAL DROP: 1,400 ft.
  • DURATION: Total tour estimated time 1.5 - 2 hours
  • VIEWS: Mount Washington and surrounding New Hampshire landscape